stoner resolutions

Yes, we CANnabis! Enjoyable New Year’s resolutions

Ok, let’s be honest, New Year’s resolutions that we all made in the past years, didn’t turn out as we thought they would, right? You probably found the way to alternate them or you found a really good reason not to fulfill them. Like ‘’do more sports’’… I’m sure that everyone has made themselves such promise at least once and then after a while of rational thinking and examinations they found out that the exercise is actually not what they need in life :D. What if I go running, fall down and break my precious bong. Legitimate reason for the years before 2015, but only until now…there’s Byba that will save you from ‘’I can’t do sports’’ excuses  😉


Before you start hammering your head searching for cool and decisive resolutions for 2016, we have some brilliant propositions for you:

1. Grow your own herb (if you are legally able to) and be a better friend

We are always trying to find that good friend, who has thrown himself into growing and nursing a natural, homegrown herb. Why wouldn’t you be that friend? You can learn a lot about the plant that you love so much, you can have your own supply and be able to help your friends in need ;). ‘Cause you know the saying: ‘’A friend with weed is a friend indeed’’.

2. Eat HEALthier snacks
The inevitable aftermath after nice 420 session are munchies. That well-known feeling which starts somewhere in the depths of your stomach and then expands into every last cell of your body. I know, the expansion is so rapid and hard to fight, so you don’t have time for cooking a healthy meal…but you can still prepare yourself! Munchies will come. Every single time. So prepare your food in advance. There is like million snacks you can prepare cheaply and with ease. So use your creativity to fill your cavity.

3. STOP making bongs of plastic and other toxic elements

Bongs are expensive. And they break, when you try to exercise, remember? 😉 And they are the machines we love. So we all try to make bongs out of everything we find. You know: give some weed and nothing to smoke from to a stoner and all of a sudden he’s an engineer. The only problem here is that we usually use stuff that can be really toxic and harmful. That’s why you have us. We went other way around and gave an engineer some weed and so he designed Byba.
You should also do more in spreading the word about the benefits of marijuana and help raising general awareness about marijuana with facts and not just rumors and misleading information about the “allknowing” herb. And well, if you like Byba, spread the word about us too :).

Much love and best weedshes in 2016. :*