Water levels in bong. Facts and differences

Well I am still at Budapest, enjoying myself with very accepting and nice people of Buda. I have probably visited all of the best pubs here and in one of them, I was asked a common question: “How much water should we put in the bottle?”. By now, you guys have probably figured out that different water levels in the bottle impact your Byba experience. There is no optimal water level that could be applied throughout Byba community, because different days require different intensity of herb magic and well, we all like our Byba in our own favourite way. In past blog post, we showed you different bong liquids you can use and how intense the taste is. The second important thing with bong liquids is the volume of them.


High water levels – low smoke volume

In general, we can say: โ€œMore liquid means less gathered smoke and thus, lighter hitโ€. It really is basic physics, but still, let me explain it for all those who are just too stoned to think about volumes, gases and filtration ๐Ÿ˜› When we smoke with bongs, like Byba, the smoke from the joint, blunt, oil or herbs is filtered through the liquid in the bong. The liquid in the bong filters the smoke and cools it (well, if the liquid is cold). So, more liquid means more filtering media, which can definitely filter and cool the smoke better than lover liquid levels. But there is a thing you have to keep in mind – more of the liquid you have in the bottle, less smoke can gather inside. This may be a setback, if you are looking for a heavy hit. But, since you can change the liquid level very easy while using Byba – just unscrew your Byba, pour the liquid our (or more liquid in) and voila, you have a totally different bong and smoking experience – it is really just a matter of wishes and vicinity of water pipe.


Medium water levels -medium smoke volume

Byba (and bong) users have really different opinions about liquid levels , and hand on heart we are craving for different levels of hits and that is the beauty of Byba – you have so many different options and versions of smoking. And well it is definitely more fun if you can change the “settings” of a bong in a matter of seconds and create some special smoking conditions for the special occasions. We would still recommend rather higher than lower water levels, especially for occasional users. Higher liquid levels produce very cool and filtered smoke which can greatly improve the freshness and dulls the hot and scratchy feeling in the mouth. It also prevents the famous “mouth draught”, which generally follows a long session.


Low water levels – high smoke volume

To sum up, use as much liquids as you feel and definitely explore and try to figure out which level fits you best. Just make sure that the inner hose is sunk in the liquid and you are good to go to the land of green ๐Ÿ˜‰