Ruin pubs of Budapest

Here we go again, Byba is continuing its journey around the globe, beginning with Budapest’s ruin pubs. Following a successful recovery after the Byba stoner party  and stoner Carnival party which we organised last week, it was time to pack my bags and continue the trip. By the way, if you need any tips on how to properly pack your stuff, check our packing guide blog post. It was about time, that Byba visited our neighbours in Hungary and checkout Budapest’s famous ruin pubs and alternative scene there. First thing to notice when traveling from Slovenia to Hungary – there is literally NO border. You are just driving on the highway and suddenly there is a small table saying that you just arrived in Hungary. Right before the border there is a nice place where you can light your Byba, just to stay focused 😉

I hope, that one day there will be no legalisation borders, but until then, be sure to know where it is legal and where it isn’t. In Hungary marijuana is illegal on all levels, and they are very strict with drivers, who are high. Nevertheless you should check Hajogyari Sziget (the island where the Sziget festival is being held) as you can find plenty of herbs there 😉 with average price about 10€ per gram 🙂

When you are fully equipped with all the necessary stuff for a pleasant stay, you should head to some of the best bars and pubs in the world – the Ruin pubs of Budapest. It all started more than a decade ago with a bunch of young people longing for cheap places to drink. They turned one of the many abandoned buildings in Budapest into an underground club, brought together some old furniture used a bit of artistic creativity and voila – the first ruin pub was brought to life. At least that what Norbi, a young Hungarian told me , when he was serving me two beers for less than 5€.


ruinpub1After that the ruin pubs spread through Budapest like wildfire. Everyone of them is special in it’s own way. Some offer fantastic concerts of young and upcoming musicians and hold classic electronic parties all night long, like Instant, others are a creative masterpiece – with numerous rooms, all decorated in it’s own style,like Szimpla. You can enjoy one of the best views on Budapest from the terrace of the former communistic supermarket in Corvin club , called also “Underground above the city”. What all of them have in common is the feeling of home and cozyness. Every visitor can find a place for himself and the prices are very friendly for a traveler’s pocket. You can find the whole list of the pubs here. I visited almost all of them and I believe everyone of them is “the best”. You should definitely check different pubs in one night and even if you believe, that you found the best one, the next pub will blow your mind again.





Budapest really is one of the best capitals in EU and you should check it out. Oh, before I forget – when munchies will start kicking try  the Langos – a fried potato dough with different meat add-ons 😉