Byba package on kiteboard

Olá América do Sul, Olá Brasil

Have you ever been in a situation when you impulsively booked a plane ticket to the other side of the world? To be more precise to the eighth most dangerous city in the world according to Business Insider? Well, I did exactly that around 2 months ago and now I’m here in Fortaleza, Brazil, ready to hit the waves with my kite.

No, I don’t have any suicidal tendencies, but what can a man do, if the flight is really affordable, temperatures are above 30 degrees Celsius while back home people are freezing and lastly there are countless kitesurfing spots here in Brasil with the best wind conditions on the planet. Of course I didn’t forget to take my Byba with me,  the first one to travel to South America.

Byba on a bottle of a local beverage

Byba on a bottle of a local beverage

So I arrived in Brazil only with a backpack filled with few t-shirts, swimming shorts, flip-flops and some smoking gear. After first cultural shock because of electric fences and walls around the houses I accomodated myself in one of the beautiful pousadas (villas) in Paracuru Village. I’m sure there is a good reason for all those safety measures, but it turned out that it’s not that dangerous. Or maybe I’m just lucky to still have both kidneys. Anyways, the first evening felt perfect for filling up my little aluminium friend with some South American herbs and just chill in the hammock.

Byba sticker on the wall

Byba was here!

There was only one issue; How to find a herb in a really dangerous part of a really dangerous country where almost nobody speaks English? Turns out it wasn’t that difficult after all many of South American countries are infamous  because of drugs including cannabis and most of the crimes are related to them.  There is only one rule that applies to everybody that will ever go to Brasil or some other country that is supposed to be dangerous. Don’t go anywhere alone! The bigger the group is, the smaller the chances are that you will get into troubles. So I went weed-hunting with a friend and it ended really soon… Actually 20 meters away from our villa. There was a guy who was selling souvenirs on the street and there were coconut bongs between them. We thought he might know where to get some stuff so we started talking to him in some strange mixture of English and Spanish (which sounded nothing like Portugese) accompanied by hand gestures.

When we saw a smile on his face after we mimicked smoking, we knew that we found the right person.  He grabbed his backpack hidden under the table and showed us his stash. We could even try it before making a purchase – talking about customer service. So we bought around 3 grams of a really high-quality hashish for a ridiculously low price. And what an experience it was to smoke it with Byba… You are probably freezing on this cold November evening somewhere in the city, so just imagine how great it feels to be lying in the hammock on the beach wearing only shorts, watching the sunset and smoking the herbs with Byba. It doesn’t get any better, does it? Here is a picture of a sunset, and you can get your own Byba in our shop.

Sunset in Brasil

Enjoying the view

Next week I will try to make my own coconut bong – with Byba.