Byba chilling on the beach

Keep your Byba clean and safe

Hey, folks, trippin` Tuesday is gonna be a short one this week, as we were and still are pretty busy. I already mentioned that traveling with Byba is safe in general, but nevertheless here are 2 tips you should follow to avoid getting in trouble. Both tips are pretty straightforward and obvious, so I really hope you thought of them before.

  • Remove the instruction sheet. Dooh. I’m sure you don’t need it and it would be pretty damn hard to convince the security guy Byba is just a water filter or an inhaler while he’s reading how you should stuff it full of weed.
  • Keep your Byba clean and odorless. Now this one is a bit trickier. It’s easy to keep the aluminum part nice, shiny and without the smell. Just wash it after every use in warm water and add some soap if you have it at hand. The tubes are a whole other story. You probably noticed they get brownish and smelly. Wash them regularly during the time of your stay, but I wouldn’t take them on a plane if I were you as the smell is never completely gone. The good thing is silicone tubes are not really hard to get and you’ll be soon able to order them via Byba website and keep some spare ones.
Byba chilling in Wellington

Byba chilling in Wellington

And that’s it. Like I said, short and simple and potentially lifesaving.

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Stay tuned, stay clean,