Greek rooftop experience

This week’s Trippin Tuesday is gonna take you to one of the calmest Byba experiences in one of the most chaotic cities in the world – Athens. Anyone who has been there knows, that Greeks really are a special kind of people. They have their own perception of how life should work, how world is running, and how history was written. That’s really cool if you are there on vacation, but working there, well that’s another story.

I had a really long day at the office. I tried really hard to persuade one of our clients that FB-event and organic reach just aren’t enough for the best possible promotion of their event. When I left the office, all frustrated and hungry, not one, but two cars almost ran me down when I was crossing the road by all rules. Glad that I survived, I went to pick my shoes at the store and no one was there. No notice, no reason, nothing. The next day I found out, that Christophorus had nothing to do, so he just closed the store and went home. Why not.

It was the worst day in the past few weeks… but then I realized that I still have some magic herbs at my place. I called my girlfriend if she’s up for a Byba mint refreshment. She’s always up to do some crazy unplanned stuff, so she had an awesome idea. We went on the roof of our apartment directly above the main street. Up there the noise and all the chaos from the street suddenly went away. I am not sure if we were just high enough or we were high enough 😉 We watched the city from up above and talked long in the night. One of the best experiences ever.
greek experience

Well if you haven’t done it yet, try to add some mint into the water, before screwing your Byba on top. It has a refreshing taste and gives you unforgettable feeling 😉 To chill down on days like this, order your Byba and plant some mint in the pot next to your pot pot 😉