Different bongs for different kind of highs

While chilling on a beach in India, and talking about many different bongs we tried, my friend asked me: “Do you remember when you saw your first bong?” I do. It was in early 2000s when I was in primary school and one fifth grader brought it to school and we tried to smoke behind the school, choking on tobacco that we grinded from a cigarette. He said that he went to Amsterdam with his family and his dad explained to him, that this was much healthier than cigarettes, since the water removes toxins from tobacco. He also said, that his parents and their friends were smiling all the evening while they were smoking with this bong. And it also smelt funny. Yep, Sherlock, you probably figured out what they were smoking.


Well the tobacco smoke that filled the bong was so intense, half of us puked and the other half almost choked to death. So yeah, my first experience was far from great and some years had to pass, until I learned, that bongs are mainly not used for smoking tobacco and that they indeed offer at least more pleasant way of smoking if not healthier. That’s what led us to the invention of Byba.

Agent 420

Agent 420

If we look at the basics of smoking with a bong – smoke which comes from the herbs or rolled paper, is filtered and cooled through water. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is not soluble in water, so you do not lose it when filtering. But it definitely filters ashes, which are the product of burning herbs, all other solid substances, and it definitely filters tar. You can add some ice or really cold water to cool down smoke even more.


There is a lot of discussion which one gets you higher – rolled paper or the  bong. The opinions vary greatly between users but in my opinion, it is not about which gets you higher, rather what kind of high it gives you. Any bong generally offers greater hit than any joint-because of the large dose of smoke it can generate. But different bongs can give you different kind of high, because of the chamber numbers, bong composition, length of the tube, tube radius and last but not least volume of the water in the bong. That’s why Byba is so useful. You can screw it on 2 L bottle and get the large bong, or you can screw it on 0,25 L bottle and get the tiny bong. Moreover you can pour in different volumes of any! liquid you want to, just make sure that the inner hose is inside the liquid and you are good to go. That’s the way to find the kind of high you are longing for, by experimenting with different versions of Byba bong.


Stay tuned next tuesday when we will experiment filling Byba with different liquids.