Mythbybsters – destroying stoner stereotypes

Long time, no see. But I believe you have written some awesome life stories in the meantime, just like I have. Let me begin with the first one, which actually caused a bit of a setback in our travels. I have arrived Big in Japan and was very well welcomed by the security guy, to whom I looked suspicious enough to invite me to bonding (sadly not bong-ing 🙁 ) in the security room. “What is this?” he said, pointing to my Byba. Like I wrote in one of the previous blog posts, there are many answers to that question 😉 Despite the culture and public perception towards marijuana here in Japan, I went fully honestly with him… Exactly, it didn’t go well and I’ve learned my lesson 🙂 Japanese are not really acceptable towards marijuana and they are full of prejudice and stereotypes. But how true these stoner stereotypes are? Are they outdated or are they still relevant?

Not so long ago, typical stoners were pictured as lazy couch potatoes with the lack of work ethics and usually being food destroyers, but with legalization on the march, when more and more people enjoy the fruits of our beloved flower, the typical stoner isn’t as typical anymore. We are no longer lazy, mumbling, always-eating monsters, but HIGH-functioning members of society. Well, we still eat a lot 😛

bong munchies

So, it’s time to put some stoner stereotypes to bed!

1. We are lazy

The first and most generalized of all of the stoner stereotypes…. The cannabis industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, so, there’s your answer.

2. We are always confused

Marihuana does have some relaxing and calming effects. And if somebody disturbs you, while you are chilling, of course you are confused. But it also gets you pumped up with adrenaline and creativity. And ideas are booming and transforming in an (almost) orderly fashion.

3. We know only 4 words

Well, we evolved and our vocabulary now fully exceeds  the one word sentences in the manner of “maaaaaan”, “yeeeeeeeeeah”, “no waaaaaaaaay” and “whaaaaaaat”.

4. We are paranoid

With marijuana legalisation and decriminalisation on the rise, we no longer need to watch behind our backs for “people trying to get us”.

5. All we do is eat and sleep

With changes in the public perception of stoners, a lot of high profile members of society are now admitting to smoke the herb everyday. From local florist to state known businessmen and even professors, everyone is smoking now. Well, munchies are probably unbeatable, so there’s that.

6. We have low IQ, are dropouts and losers

The number of well known intellectuals, who smoke weed is growing daily. We are a successful, well-read and intelligent individuals, who understand the power and effect of marijuana and we use it to our benefit and rise with it.

Do you feel that you are being marked wiith any other outgrown habits? Let me know through social media and I will break them up, to show the world who we really are. And now, munchies are kicking in -.- pizza slices, brace yourself 😉