Carnival festivities, stoner edition – Carbybal

It’s Carnival time and since Byba is a Bong You can Bring Anywhere, it’s time to transform to carnival Byba. But first….let me take a selfie.




We choose tPresidents smokingo dress up Byba into one of the most significant carnival masks in Slovenia – the Kurent. Kurent’s gathering is one of the biggest carnival gatherings in Central Europe. It lasts for a week and it is all about partying and dressing up in creative costumes. The origin of Kurents can be traced back to the Slavic, Celtic or Illyrian customs. It was primarily held as a rite of welcoming spring and fertility and chasing away the winter.

Back in the days, they believed that the Kurent has the power to chase away the winter and usher in spring. He was the god of unrestrained pleasure and hedonism – here you can see the connection with Byba 😉 She’s no goddess, but knows a thing or two about pleasure, right guys?

Kurents are dressed in sheepskins and have those big and scary masks, decorated with horns, feathers, sticks and long red tongues. They wear cowbells hanging from their belts and collect handkerchiefs of young girls – you can guess the symbol meaning of that 😉





alberto tomba

According to our tradition, children dress up in different costumes and masks, some being more creative than others and they go door to door, collecting candy and doughnuts – similar to the Halloween
celebration. Another tradition is that carnival parties are one of the best in the entire year so one should never miss them…neither did we.

This year we made sure that some colored faces were even more disguised with the help of Byba. We tried smoking from a doughnut and we tried a new bong liquid – white wine. It tasted like a kind of a lemonade. Slightly sour and refreshing feeling had an alcohol-wine-like aftertaste and after a few puffs, it got well, not that tasty 🙂

I’m sorry we didn’t get the doughnut bong shot, but it got eaten like 5 seconds after we smoked from it, there were some proper munchies kicking! Ok it’s been enough for this week I must go now and pack everything for the trip to the European capital of the alternative bars  – Budapest. Stay tuned for the hungarian Byba next week.