stoner party

Byba stoner party – herbs, toasts and chill

It happened, it finally happened. The Byba team organized a so called Smoka smoka party – a stoner party for all our friends and partners, who helped our company take the first steps of our journey. We prepared everything you need for a perfect, chill evening. Beanbags all over the place, couches, comfy chairs and blankets. There was always a cold beer or refreshing juice ridht around the corner. There was a lot of friendly, open-minded people with one common goal – smoke as much on as many Bybas you can. And most importantly, it was all happening where it all started – our dorm room.

Our dorm room a.k.a. the “Crazy house”  is where we created our first Byba. Now we turned it into a connected space with rooms decorated according to the liquid in smoked in the Bybas. We took down doors, we turned the toilette into a photo booth, we brought Jamaica to Slovenia and we turned our kitchen into a toast and joint factory.  Everything was set for the best stoner party possible.

smoking in bathtube

Our guests tried approximately 10 different liquids (the new ideas just kept coming through the evening and well forgot some of them) and 60 different bottles with screwed-on Byba. The results were amazing. So many different tastes, so many different feelings and so many happy faces. Some ideas, like coffee and caramelised milk received mixed feedback. Some loved it and some said it tastes like burned milk. That could be due to the poor skill of the chef. He tested quite a few different Bybas 😉



IMG_9389On the other side you have iced ice tea and peach juice which were loved by nearly all our guests. It gives you a refreshing feeling and sweetish aftertaste, especially the juice. Milky Byba, which we described in our last blog post  was also one of the most popular choices. The creamy aftertaste doesn’t resemble the taste of milk, so even the people who don’t drink milk in general, loved it.




When the munchies kicked in, we started to shoot out toasts, we brought up cookies (the ones made by our grannies, not the ones with the special ingredient) and they didn’t stop coming until the early morning, when we slowly fell into one of the best night sleeps I ever had. And the good vibes from one of the best evenings just didn’t stop in the morning. Everyone was feeling so positive and we all had so much fun, that we decided to organize parties like that on a regular basis. So stay tuned and try to find the clues about where and when our next Byba stoner party will be….or just write us and someone will probably give up the secret 😛