Byba Coconut Bong

Alright, I’m still in Brazil having the time of my life but believe it or not, it is impossible to just lay on the beach and surf all the time. That is why I decided to use my Byba like nobody did before – I’m going to turn it into a coconut bong. You might ask yourself why do I need a Byba for that? Well, it’s much simpler, more reliable, and everyone who owns a Byba knows that once you go Byba, you never go back.


1 Byba (get it here)
1 Coconut
1 Machette
1 Wooden plate approx. 15 x 15 cm

-First of all, make sure you can use the machete safely. We don’t want anybody to cut his or her hand off while constructing a smoking coconut. How lame would that be?

-Hold the coconut with your hand and chop off one slice at the top to make a flat and softer surface.

-Make a hole with 1cm diameter in the center of the chopped off area, drink out the coconut milk and replace it with water. You don’t want to waste coconut milk for filtering the smoke.

Chopped of coconut

This hole is not really in the center, so try to do it better than me

-Place the slim 6mm hose into Byba and position it on the hole created in the previous step.

– Once the slim hose is inserted into the coconut, hit Byba on the top with a wooden plate several times to make a firm fit between Byba and the coconut. Since Byba is made out of aerospace-grade aluminum it can withstand hits with wooden plates or any softer material. So no worries about that.

-Place the thicker 8mm hose in its position and fill Byba with herbs.

-Smoke it up and enjoy your own coconut bong!

Byba coconut bong

Finished Byba coconut bong