Byba bong for first-timers

So, you just recieved your own brand new Byba and can’t wait to roll it on and start rainbow floating. In the Byba sack you found bybastic instructions for use, but you still aren’t sure how to make your Byba experience as colourful as it should be? Here are unreliably precise steps by puff instructions for first-timers.

First, take your little love in your hands and get familiar with it. It’s about to become essential part of your relaxing methods so take your time and just hang out with it for a little while. Then reach for hoses and put the bigger, wider, hose in your mouth and chew it gently. Meanwhile put the small hose in the central hole (hyperlink fotka ko drži cevko in bybo) on the Byba. Take the hose from your mouth and put it in the hole on the opposite side of that beautiful logo on your Byba. Screw your new best friend on your favourite bottle. Check if the inner hose is sunk in the water/liquid of choice, ‘cause this is crucial for the successful functioning of this complex mechanism 😉

byba_first-timer 2

Insert the thinner hose into the hole

Now you can test if your byba is working. Put your favourite finger on the free/unoccupied hole on the Byba, I recommend the left index, but be creative. Our friend once put the left thumb toe on it. Yeah, she’s really flexible. And cute. And stop thinking about her. Start inhaling. You should see and hear some bubbles arriving. Those are NOT the special bubbles, not yet. Now you have two options (in general), inserting the rolled paper or, you can use the magic herb directly for clear, intense, tobaccoless and colourful fog. Once you have decided on your choice of incoming happiness, do one of the following:




Put the rolled paper into the top hole

a) Insert the rolled paper in the top bowl-hole, light it up,again put the chosen finger on the free hole and inhale from the mouth hose. Maintain slow and constant flow so the bottle is filled with smoke. Take a brief pause, exhale, remove the finger and inhale the smoke from the bottle.


b) Insert included mesh in the bowl and add
magic herbs. Put the chosen finger on the free hole, take your freshly chewed mouth hose in your mouth, light up the herbs and at the same time inhale. Stop burning herbs, when you fill the bottle with enough smoke, wait for a second (optional), remove your finger from the hole, and inhale the smoke from the bottle.



Repeat again until you’re satisfied or you feel like couchpotato first-timer. Or both. Just don’t forget to wash your Byba to keep her “so fresh and so clean clean” 😉