Bong liquids you can smoke with Byba

After all, those Asian, African and New Zealand beaches and different lectures about bongs, pipes and smoking in general it was time to stop at home. One of the reasons to stop in Slovenia was because I was passing through to continue my trip around the globe in Europe. About those you will be able to read in blogs to follow.  But the main reason I came back, was the Byba party we are throwing for all our Slovenian customers and partners, who helped us greatly on the beginning of our entrepreneurial journey. The theme of the party – Different bong liquids you can smoke with the Byba.

We are always promoting and explaining how you can smoke from a bong with many different liquids. One of my favourites is the Rooibos tea and milk. Yeah, you heard right, milk! A lot of people give us weird looks and try to imagine what it would be like to smoke from milky Byba…no one guesses correctly.



bong with milk





Milky Byba
When smoke is cooled and filtered through milk it looses a bit of the THC, but don’t worry this is just a tiny portion of the beloved molecule. Small drops of milk that come into your mouth with smoke leave nice creamy aftertaste and your mouth won’t be as dry as usually. And it makes a perfect combination with cookies that you will soon be craving for….aaaaw those munchies.






Bong with wine




Wine Byba
We got some questions from a lot of party people who thought about filtering through wine…why not 🙂 We tried it on the red wine Refosco, which is well known for containing high level of wine acids and refreshing taste. It was fantastic! It chills the smoke and leaves a nice, smooth taste, typical for red wines.






Bong with coke




Byba coke
Coke is one of the most frequent bottles in the world. So naturally a Byba coke is a must. To surprise, of many tasters, there is no real aftertaste. If the coke was freshly opened then maybe you will feel the CO2 bubbles exploding with smoke so wait a minute or two with the opened coke, before you “lit the herb up”.







Well, these are just some of the options, Byba offers to smoke from. As mentioned earlier, we tried it also on rooibos tea, all sorts of juices and other soft drinks. We will review more of them through blogs, so don’t forget to subscribe and if you haven’t yet, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat (Byba_420) and Twitter.

Stay high and til the next time, good bye 😉