Byba bong being scanned at the Chicago Airport

What if the security guy asks you: »What do we have here?«

We already mentioned that Byba bong is a perfect travel mate, because nobody knows it and nobody at the airport really cares about it. But you might just get lucky and encounter the one really curious security guy. And of course he will ask you the dreaded question: »What do we have here?«.

Now you have two choices. You can tell him the truth, because Byba bong is legal everywhere around the World and there is nothing wrong if you take it on your travels with you. Who knows, the guy might have a laugh and even order one later on. Then again, he might also stick a hand up your ass, because you’ll suddenly seem suspicious (and because he’s thinking you’re really sexy to begin with). You probably want to avoid that.

Here’s your other choice – you can lie and tell him Byba bong is something else entirely. In this case it’s good to be prepared otherwise you’ll say something ridiculous, seem suspicious and again end up with a hand up your butt. Luckily we’ve done your homework for you and prepared a list of things that might do the trick. So here are a few of Byba’s secret identities:

  • An Inhaler – You see, you can have the liquid in the bottle, inhale it through the upper hole and add some more liquid through the side hole, if you start running low. Also the liquid won’t evaporate too quickly because of the high grade aluminum. We almost convinced you there, didn’t we?


  • A Beverage Cooler – The latest Kickstarter gadget you screw on top of your bottle. The airflow in it will make all the difference between the scorching hot tea and a perfectly warm tea, that won’t burn your tongue.
  • A Salad Oil Doser – A full tube of oil is the exactly the right amount for a salad bowl. Sound just ridiculous enough to be plausible.
Salad oil doser

Salad oil doser

  • An attachment for watering various spices – It’s small enough to water the spices on the window shelf and you can also mix the fertilizer with the water in the bottle beforehand. Very practical!
  • Bubble Madness – An attachment for kids that love creating bubbles with their straws. When they are blowing, they usually spill half of the beverage. That won’t happen with Byba!
  • Milk Frother – A tiny milk frother all coffee lovers can take with them on their travels. It doesn’t need any power and is eco-friendly.

Here you go! Remember at least one of these options and you are good to go. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you about the hand up your butt, if you mess it up!